CEC Alumni Association is registered as a charitable organization

CEC Alumni Association is now officially registered as a Charitable Organization as per Registration Act 1955.

CEC Alumni Meet | August 9, 2014 | College of Engineering Chengannur

Time flies, suns rise.. shadows fall, let it fly! The mere thought of yet another re-union makes the poet in me stand up and wave. I know I can easily strike that chord at the bottom of your hearts by bringing in the mundane nostalgia game. But then again, on a real note, that is not required either. The times that we had spent in our alma mater were the best in our lives. Dreams, love, aspirations, friendships, team-work and a lot of dorkish deeds made our campus life multi-hued and diverse in experiences.

Whatever would be the mission, we all realized that parting was such a sweet sorrow, and it was all the more sweeter when we got together years later for the first time and then again, and again. We have all been looking forward to those ephemeral moments to come again; to go back in time and to re-live those wonderful days, with our family and loved ones. I can imagine our laughter echoing from all the corners of the campus, our hearts full of joy and stories still untold waiting for another day of togetherness. Meet you there at CEC on Saturday, August 9th!

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